Home Cinema Installation Haslemere

Home Cinema Installation Haslemere

At Evolution AV we provide complete home cinema installation services in Haslemere and the surrounding area. Whether you would like to discreetly integrate a home cinema into your existing living space or create a dedicated cinema room, Evolution can provide a solution for you. We can advise you of the many different products available and we can piece together a design that will be suitable for your room size that will give you a mind blowing home cinema experience which will immerse you in an Ultra High Definition Audio Visual experience the way the film director intended. We choose components that will compliment each other and we calibrate all equipment to give optimum performance. Here is an outline of the main components required for a home cinema:


Flat screen TV: Available in various sizes, screens would typically be wall mounted or could be concealed. Please see Flat Screen TV section for further details on concealing.

Projector screen: A lot less expensive than huge TV screens of the same size, projector screens offer a true home cinema experience and can come in different wide screen formats. Projector screens can be fixed flat to a wall, be manually or electrically brought down from a surface housing or be recessed in the ceiling.


Projectors can offer huge screen sizes at affordable prices. They can be ceiling mounted, placed on a ‘table top’ or concealed in the ceiling on a motorised drop down mechanism. They can not only display your movies but can also display other media such as a satellite box, laptop or photos.


A typical home cinema speaker package is referred to as 5.1 which refers to the five speakers and the one subwoofer. AV Receivers can decode audio to various speaker configurations such 7.1, 9.1, 7.1.2, 9.2.2 etc. We can provide various speaker solutions such as in wall or in ceiling speakers or speakers can be wall mounted, standmount or large floorstanding speakers in various styles and finishes. Subwoofers can be also be in wall, in ceiling, wall mounted or floor standing.

AV Components

The speakers and subwoofer are typically powered by an AV Receiver which will also process the video. Components such as a Blu Ray players and media streamers are then connected to the AV Receiver and housed in a piece of furniture or in a rack in a dedicated cupboard or comms room.


Even if the components are hidden away out of sight, remote controls can be used to control all equipment either through radio frequency or infra-red receiver kits. Imagine being able to press “Watch movie” on your pre-programmed touch screen remote and the following happens: The lights dim, the projector screen drops down from of the ceiling, the projector is turned on and drops down from the ceiling, the AV Receiver is turned on to the correct input and the movie starts. All with one push of a button!


We can supply traditional cinema seats or luxury chairs with electrically operated leg and back rests which come in different coloured finishes. They can also come with storage in the arm and even a refrigerated or heated cup holder.

AV cabinets

We can supply a wide range of AV racks, cabinets, TV stands and wall brackets to cater for any set up.