Wi-fi/Networking and Telephone Systems

Wi-fi/Networking and Telephone Systems


Evolution supply telephone systems which can provide multiple lines into the home for business and residential purposes. Phones can be fixed or cordless and can be integrated into gate entry/ door entry systems.


Wi-Fi can be extended or boosted around the home to ensure full coverage for all your wireless devices. Data points can be hard wired around the home to ensure maximum performance of network devices and broadband speed. Most AV components now come with wireless capabilities or ethernet ports to connect to the internet and your home network. These devices can be integrated within the home for file sharing and connected to the internet for external services and routine updates. Here is an example of a typical Evolution AV installation:

A Western Digital NAS drive is connected to your router. The NAS drive stores your music, video, photos and data files. The Sonos music system streams your personal music collection stored on your NAS drive and plays it throughout your home. Sonos will also connect to the internet for online music services and internet radio. Videos and photos stored on the NAS drive are streamed to your Smart TV or other networked devices such as tablets or smart phones. Films are streamed over the internet to your TV, tablet or phone. PDF, Excel and Word documents stored on the NAS drive are accessed through your PC or Smart phone within the home and also when you are away from home. CCTV can also be accessed when you are away from home. PCs within the home are backed up to the NAS drive.”